Care, Safety & Cleaning

Stained glass is a durable and long-lasting medium when properly constructed and cared for. Here are some care, safety & cleaning tips for maintaining the beauty of your piece:

Care & safety
Stained glass works contain lead unless explicitly labeled as "lead-free." Finished lead works are perfectly safe for you to share your home with (and each piece is meticulously cleaned and polished before its arrival to you), but out of an abundance of caution, please wash your hands after handling your piece. Keep stained glass works out of reach of children.

Cleaning your piece
Cleaning your stained glass piece periodically with a gentle glass polish and a soft rag will help return it to its original shine, though some dimming of the patina over time is normal. Do not use any harsh chemical or household cleaners on stained glass works, especially on pieces with hand-painted details-- this can cause permanent damage to the piece.

Hanging your piece (if applicable)
I strongly advise against suction cups, even for small or lightweight pieces. Suction cups are unreliable, and are not worth the risk with your glass art. I recommend cup or eye hooks for suspended window displays, or picture hooks for hanging your pieces above doorways or on walls.

As always, if you have any questions about caring for your stained glass piece, please email